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T. Cody Swift

As a young philanthropist who supports research into psychedelic medicines, Cody Swift is nothing if not hands-on.

He has experimented with psychedelics.He has guided clients through trips as part of clinical trials at Johns Hopkins University. He has published in an academic journal. Most important, he has donated millions of dollars. His donations are poised to have a big impact.

He’s also a leader, with David Bronner and others, of efforts to support indigenous peoples who have used these medicines for thousands of years.

Cody is one of a very few private donors who kept research into psychedelics alive before Michael Pollan (and others) arrived on the scene. Even a decade ago, there was essentially no government money or investments from startup companies to support research. My, how things have changed!

Here’s my new story about Cody and his work, published by Lucid News, a website that covers all things psychedelic where I’ve become a regular contributor.

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