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I started this blog, Nonprofit Chronicles, in 2015. It replaced my first blog, which ran at, for eight years. This is my last post here. (No. 282, but who’s counting.) I’m returning to, where the focus of my writing will be psychedelic drugs, as it has been lately.

I’ve been a reporter for nearly 50 years. I’ve rarely been bored because I’ve changed beats every five to ten years. I’ve written about politics and government, television, the media and entertainment industry, corporate sustainability and the world of foundations and non-profits.

For what I expect to be my last act, I’ll be writing about the business, science, politics, culture and history of psychedelic drugs. I’m super excited. These drugs – or medicines, as many prefer to call them – have the potential to alleviate suffering from mental illness, change the way we understand our brains and connect us deeply to one another and to the earth.

Most of the content at Nonprofit Chronicles has moved to You should in theory continue to get new posts from me. However, the best way to keep up with my work is to subscribe to the new blog here. If you don’t get a post from me in the next few days, please check your spam folder.

Feel free to email me anytime at Marc dot Gunther at gmail dot com. I’m always interested in feedback and story ideas.Thank you so much for reading my work. I hope you continue to do so.

2 thoughts on “Time for a change of scene

  1. Stuart says:

    What a wonderful career that still moves forward.


  2. mdgordon says:

    good luck on this “new” adventure Mark. I enjoy reading your stuff. Hope it’s having benefits in your life. Also: let me say I appreciate you as being one of my “introducers” to effective altruism, which became one brick on a path of values exploration that I’ve been on ever since.

    My best wishes … Michael


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